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April 25, 2010

The fabulous and wonderful yoga teacher has decided to turn up the heat in class. That is literally turned up the heat. This has turned out to be a problem for me. As it stands,  I am having huge trouble gathering up the gumption to simply observe my reaction to the heat and chalk up the memory of the nice, cool room to another element of impermanence in life.

You see, at about the point in class where all the twisting poses happen, the point at which she says, “twist to your left and wring all those toxins out of your body,” well I got nauseous with the heat, and I got pissed.  

So I decide that I am going to talk to her about it, and I spend about half the class not paying attention to the moment and the pose, but rehearsing how to word my complaint so it doesn’t sound like a complaint—a real challenge. Well we did have a chat. I told her I was getting nauseous from the heat, and like a true Buddhist, she lit up at the opportunity for me to work through my discomfort. And the nausea, “working out the toxins,” she said. Ah well.


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April 20, 2010

Tight neck, shoulders, yoga, back massager. I look back through the blog and realize that we haven’t talked about expansion and contraction. How is this possible? Everything is about expansion and contraction.

Breath. In. Out. Expand. Contract.

Allergies. Pollen in. Muscles contract. Headache.  

Yoga. Expansion against the contracted muscles.

The acting students in the class that I took several weeks ago, they reminded me of expansion and contraction. We talked about a character expanding and contracting. About this blog. About it expanding, then contracting. Contracting down to stillness. Down to silence.

Now it may be opening up again. A breath of summer. And pollen. Maybe all things start in the moment between, in the tension of expansion against contraction. Maybe.

Namaste and good night.

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